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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Is My Families Idea of Healing

August 21,2012

I am still healing, and I'm sure most of you are bored with those updates by now;

   I woke up
   I healed
   I emptied these balls
   I had supper & walked.
   Good night.


Part of my healing process has been my cousin and an iPhone app she promises to give me later (you better not forget Trina Lou!). Every day, at least once a day, starting on my first day after surgery, she texts me a cute little video

of a sock puppet

a pig sock puppet!!!

Each video is around 30 seconds long, and is usually a song, or joke, including boob humor! That's just how we roll in my family!!!

Here is her first installment, sent to me at 7:30 AM, the first morning after my surgery. (I guess she knew there was no danger of waking me up that early in a hospital!),

Talk about put a smile on my face! It certainly did!

And a bit later in the day, I got this gem...

I can't say it enough! I have the best family ever!!!

And it's working, I am healing up great!

Except for these balls!!

It's all going to be OK!

Until next time, God bless!

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