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Friday, August 17, 2012

Day Two Post Op

August 15,2012

We both slept very well. I don't remember the nurses coming in more than twice during the night and I was expecting them every two hours at least. I was still on a liquid diet so breakfast was cream of wheat and a mystery food we later discovered was yogurt. I had never had yogurt that kept its shape! Rather strange!

Mom made it back to the hospital and Frank went home to take a shower and change. I just sat/laid around again and had more visitors. They told me I could take a shower but decided to wait until after Dr. Yost came in. He was in surgery all morning so it was after lunch (tomato soup and pudding) before he came by. He told me he wanted me out that day! I begged to stay (LOL) because insurance had approved through August 17, but he explained how my chances of infection actually were greater the longer I stayed in the hospital! Who would of thought that!

I had a few more visitors then Frank and I decided it was time to tackle the shower! Wow! What a trip! Thank goodness for the handheld sprayer! I was no help whatsoever! All I could do was hold these drainage tubes and he did the rest. If I ever questioned whether he loved me or not, he certainly proved he does with that shower. Thank God again for blessing me with such a wonderful, loving husband.

I was exhausted after the shower and getting dressed, but we managed. The nurse came in and with the help of Poppa and Lorraine, Frank and I made our way to Mom's for the night.

My Aunt Hymonda provided us a yummy dinner of brisket, sausage and potatoes. I finally got to eat and it was one of the best meals I ever remember! We had a few more visitors that evening and lots of phone calls. Frank decided to go home to sleep in our bed and get another shower in the morning.

Mom and I made our way to bed not long after he left. I slept well. Not really much pain, but I was still taking my pain medicine.

God is so good!

It is all going to be OK!

Until next time, God bless.

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