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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Sunday

August 26, 2012

Sunday! Family day! Church this morning was great. It was so wonderful to hug and kiss all my wonderful friends that have been praying for my family these past weeks. I really just can't describe what a joy it was. Love always abounds at our wonderful church home, but it just felt "bigger" this morning. 

And my ladies class was glorious as always! We are not a big group but we are a close group. I love them all. 

After lunch, Mattie, Katie, Mom and I had a wonderful tea party hosted by Mattie. The "tea" was delish. This afternoon I think we are going to do some napping. At least me and my girls. And this evening some more wonderful friends are coming by for a visit, then it is time for an early bed and rest for the first day of school. Mattie tries to tell us she is not ready for school, but she has the cure, mischievous grin when she says it, so I think she's really ready to go back. She loves to learn. 

So while I am taking my Sunday afternoon nap, enjoy the last two videos from the pig pen. 

School starts tomorrow for the students.

School always starts early for Trina. No she is not a student. She works for AISD,

a counselor, 

in middle school! 

Yes! I would say she is a saint! I can't imagine having to deal with middle schoolers or their parents, and in a lot of instances, she has to deal with both!

At the same time!!!

Nope! Not me! No way, no how!!! 

You go girl and all the other people that are raising our "precious little darlings" while they are in your care!!

So after what I'm sure was a grueling day, I got this gem of a video...

I think she's tired! Such language! From an English teacher!!! Well that was her specialty. like I said, she is a counselor now! Wonder if she uses that same mouth when talking to her students! Hum...

Aw Trina you know I'm joshin ya! And anyway, I think I heard you kinda makin fun of me at the first of that video! Yes I had a restful day! Whadya expect? Me to get up and go to work or something?! Oh! Now that's funny!

So this next one I got the day I was heading to the doctor for my follow up after surgery. I just love her song writing skills!!!

And yes, this peppy little ditty was stuck in my head all day!!! I guess it could have been a worse!

Those are all I have right now. I'm wondering if she thinks I'm healed already? Hum...I guess she could come help me with my incisions! LOL No not her! That would be worse than asking Katie! I know your busy Trina! I have loved the videos and I know you will send me more when you have time! And even if you don't, 

It's all going to be OK! 

Until next time, God bless.

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