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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Second Part of the Journey Begins

August 14,2012

Today is the day! 
        (Sorry if some of this is TMI, but it is my story and I'm going to tell it the way I want!)

We got up at five and I headed to the shower, my last shower before surgery. I would never take a shower with this body in this form again. It was really starting to sink in. I was beginning to think I couldn't go through with this, but what options did I have? I had to get rid of this cancer and if I didn't do the mastectomy, it just left more fuel for the fire so to speak. I knew the option I had chosen was the right one for me, I was just scared. Why did I keep trying to take this away from God? He has it in control. I knew that, I just had to really let go this time. I put a smile on my face, got dressed and out the door we headed! 

We got to the hospital a few minutes after six and Mom, and Poppa and Lorraine were there waiting for us. We hugged and talked for a little bit, then they called my name. We hugged and talked some more then Frank and I headed back to the OR. 

OH I was so not ready for this! 

The first thing the nurse told me was that I had to have pregnancy test. Really? Why now? Why wasn't this part of pre-op? Well it was, but my test was one day old for the anesthetist. If it was positive they wouldn't put me under and no surgery. Really? God, I really love your sense of humor, but I wasn't quite sure about this one! I hadn't had anything to drink or eat since before midnight and had already emptied my bladder before taking my shower. Seriously, where was this going to come from? Well, I managed to get just enough in the cup for the nurse and she started getting me ready for the surgery. So glad they let Frank come back there with me. I don't think I could have managed by myself. I was scared and full of nerves, but I kept telling myself that God was in control, it was going to be OK! It had to be OK.

I don't know if everyone is like this before surgery. This was my first ever and I just couldn't help it. 

She got the IV in my arm on the first stick, and I never looked. I just kept eye contact with Frank and again he got me through. The nurse told Frank that she was going to give me something to make me drowsy and if he wanted to kiss me, now would be the time. She gave me the meds, Frank leaned over to kiss me, and when he stood up, I asked him who he was! He laughed, the nurse grunted. Obviously she didn't have the best sense of humor in the mornings. 

I vaguely remember them putting the oxygen mask on my face and then the next thing I knew, there was a new nurse in front of me, spoon in hand full of ice chips. He was the man of my dreams at the time! He told me I was doing great and that it wouldn't be much longer before they would take me to my room, and it wasn't.

They rolled me down the hall in all my glory and into my room with Frank, Mom, Poppa and Lorraine all waiting to see me!! I think I was still pretty doped up. Mom said I tried to show everyone my incisions, even my dad!!!! Yeah! I don't remember that!!!

I can not tell you of all the flowers, goodies and visitors that started pouring into mt room!!!It looked like a florist on one side and a bakery on the other! My goodness the blessings continued to flow all around me!!

Frank decided he would stay with me the night. We got all situated and it didn't take long for us to fall asleep! It was a good day! Filled with blessings and loved ones all around me.

It's going to be OK!

Until next time, God bless!

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