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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Aww! Saturday! And Back to the Pig Pen

August 25, 2012


It is Saturday! 

The last Saturday of the summer! 

Where did the time go? 

Oh Yeah! I've been fighting breast cancer all summer!! 

Today Katie and I are getting manies and pedis! So nice! Mattie doesn't get one this time because Frank took her to Six Flags one last time for the summer and they are on a mission. 

We learned a few weeks ago that the Flashback and Texas Shootout (parachutes) are being taken down to make room for another ride. We first heard that the Shockwave was the ride coming down and that was the plan, Frank take her one more time to ride the Shockwave as many times as she wanted. Her record is 10 times in a row, but I do know someone whose record is 23 or something like that! Mattie loves that ride. But we soon learned it would be the Flashback that was coming down, and that was an even bigger problem. Mattie has always wanted to ride it but has always been too short! 

Katie did some quick searching online and re-measured Mattie, and we think she is now tall enough to reach the line and ride it! We certainly hope so. Frank plans to let her ride that and anything else she wants to and I know they will have a blast. And I think that beats pedis to a six year old anytime! 

I didn't post any videos yesterday. I'm sorry. It was just one of those days that something needed to be said so I said it! But today, back to a couple of videos!

We are not ashamed of a little boob humor! We have to laugh through some of this stuff to keep from crying and sometimes we are doing both!! This video needs no set up, it is pretty self explanatory! 

Sorry Frank and Katie! I laughed, but I have NEVER considered you boobs! Trina said it not me! LOL

And as all families do, our family has lots of inside jokes. This next video uses several of those and there is no way I can explain them all in a short amount of time. And it really takes all three of us, Trina, Traci & me, to explain them. That is half the joke, watching us re-hash what happened. So if you aren't in on the joke, just enjoy Trina's musical talents! You can ask us sometime to explain! Like on Black Friday, while we are standing in a freezing line waiting for the doors to some store to open!

Oh! One taco please! That gets me every time!!!

One night last week, Trina texted me at an inappropriate time (as one of us usually does) and of course we had to ask what each other was doing. I just happened to be online doing some shopping. What? Me shop? Well, yes. Just listen to the video and you'll see what an important shopping trip it was! 

Bwahahahahaha! I really do think we should go in there and see what they do when they get to me! If we film it, we could have the winning video on a certain show!!!  Oh, the tears are still rolling down my cheeks!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday. I am so looking forward to Sunday! I am going to try my hardest to go to church, balls and all!!!

It is all going to be OK!

Until next time, God bless!

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