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Friday, August 24, 2012

More Videos from the Pig Pen

August 23, 2012

I am still healing well. Today is the day I go to the doctor! I am so ready. And anxious! We are hoping they have the results of the test so we can move forward with my treatment. But I am also anxious in finding out about these tubes. I just wonder how long they will have to remain with me? We will find out this afternoon!!

Before I go to the doctor, Mom and I are going to a movie. She has not been in a movie theater in probably 20 years or more!!! We are going to see "Hope Springs" with Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep, two of my favorites! We are hoping my aunt Hysti and Traci, my cousin, will go with us! Have a girls morning out!! LOL Sorry Trina and Katie, someone has to work and it ain't gonna be one of the four of us! LOL

But now on to the videos!

Trina and her children have had surgery before. It was really fun getting instructions on post-op food from an eleven year old and what would happen if I happened to eat some "gassy" foods! So when she sent me this video on surgeons asking about M's tonsils I really got tickled...

BaHaHaHaHa!! No the surgeons didn't ask me if I wanted to keep any souvenir from my surgery! So you think, he'll ask me if I want a souvenir when he removes these balls?! (bulbs for you Kyle! LOL)

And we really do have a couple of houses, mine included, that we refer to as "pig pen". My grandmother's is the other. We started trying to get everything ready for an estate sale back in January but we haven't made much progress. She had so much stuff!!! The closets were stuffed full and the attic a catch all for whatever could be lifted through the hole. OK, the truth is, all this stuff stuffed in the closets were mostly her grandchildren's. I don't know why we thought we needed to hang on to this stuff, but now we have to get rid of it. But some of the things she has in her house are equipment needed to make life a bit easier for an elderly person. Hysti knew Frank had given me one shower and knew he would have to give me more before all this healing was over with, so her suggestion came in the form of a pig pen video!

Aww! Old people humor! Gotta love it!

UPDATE: August 23, 2012 4:43 PM

I just got back from the doctor. and the verdict is ------(wish I knew how to draw a drum roll!))-------


Now, what does that mean? It means we caught it early and it hasn't spread! I still have to see an oncologist for him to decide treatment. So I am waiting for them to give me the appointment date! AND, I am also still sporting these beautiful tubes and balls! He said he could take them out today but if I still had fluid build up, I would have to have them drained with a needle. Still, after all this, I don't like needles. So I choose to leave them in and he will look at them Monday to decide if they can come out! 

So when you say your prayers tonight, say a little prayer of thanksgiving for me! And say a little prayer for everyone you know that has been touched by this beast! Please do it for me! All the time, God is good. God is good, all the time! Amen!     

Everything is going to be OK!

Until next time, God Bless!

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Betty Oliver said...

Thank you Lord!! I am so happy for you. Praise God