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Monday, August 20, 2012

I Can't Forget Roxanne

I have to tell the story of Roxanne, or what I can remember of it!

My day nurse was Ann and they changed shifts at seven. A CRNA came in telling me who she was and that she was going to take my vitals and that my nurse would be in later. We thought no big deal about it.

In a bit some one tapped on the door and came on in. She had dark curly hair and the happiest face I had seen in a long time. She said her name was Roxanne and she was my nurse for the night. She asked me what I had done and I told her. Her next comment took me by surprise for just a second and then I fell in love. She said "Oh you've got this! It's no biggy! I am a one year survivor, just on the last bit of my reconstruction. You are doing great and have nothing to worry about!"

Then she did all that she had to do then stood at the end of my bed and said "Now tell me your story!" It wasn't a request or an order, but something she knew I needed to do. So Frank and I began. She stayed with us about an hour and a half. When I finished my story I asked to hear hers. And we listened.

Her cancer was no great surprise as it runs in her family.She chose to have a bilateral mastectomy also with reconstruction after her treatment. When she finished her story, she looked me square in the eyes and said "You want to see them?!" Frank told her to wait until he could get out of the room! He walked Katie down to her car and Roxanne and I continued to talk.

Roxanne was the best medicine I could have had that night. God's angle dressed in blue scrubs and dark curly hair sent to help me through.

Frank and I both slept well that night. Thank you Roxanne.

It's going to be OK!

Until next time, God bless!

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Rose Ann said...

Brandi, that is such a blessing to have someone like that, just at the time that you needed it! she is definitely an Angel sent from God! God bless you and your journey into reconstruction.